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Parmenides Foundation and Anti-Realist Accounts of Truth

The Parmenides Foundation is founded on the principle that “In an increasingly complex and constantly changing knowledge society thinking is the key success factor in economics, politics and education.” That principle clashes with anti-realist accounts of truth.

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The Greatest Threat To Humanity

The greatest threat to humanity is not natural disasters, epidemics or wars. It is the possibility that the wrong people will discover how our virtual reality operates before the right people do.

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The Ecorithm And Transhumanism

Is the “ecoritthm” an effort to achieve transhumanism or does it represent a real danger of redefining life to conform to the limitations of computer science?

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The New Knowledge Paradox

Claims about acquired new knowledge are non-verifiable. This is the basis of the New Knowledge Paradox.

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Antimatter Obeys The Same Law Of Attraction As Matter

This is another slap on the face of those who are obsessed with proving the autonomy of the world. One more plausible answer was proven false as to why antimatter is almost nowhere to be found in the universe and has not survived after the Big Bang. The virtual reality hypothesis is gaining ground.

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