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Stop the No-Go Crap

It is not very often that one reads a paper in the Philosophy Archives that makes sense because most of the stuff posted there are, in the best case, reiterations of old and worthless ideas, or in the worst case, the type of circular reasoning one has come to accept from a generation of scientists who spend taxpayer money on trying to prove that p ↔ p.

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Ingo Brigandt’s Straw Man Arguments Against Intelligent Design

While I am agnostic about of the bold intelligent design hypothesis, I believe that using straw man arguments and being fanatical is not just a non-scientific way of opposing it but instead reinforces it in the minds of laymen because such efforts often demonstrate insecurity about the fate of evolution theory.

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Get Your Hierarchies Straight People

Another epistemological shock from a paper in the junk archive  that confuses symbols with their values and that knowing if the limit of a sequence exists does not imply knowing its value.

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Anti-Realism Does Not Need Name Calling

We get many of these name callings lately. Realism of such and such individual. Anti-realism of such and such individual. The latest is by a paper titled “Can van Fraassen’s anti-realism give an account of novel predictions of unexpected phenomena?”. Obviously, another name calling for whatever reason.

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Epistemology Thrives on Straw Man Arguments and Defeats Common Sense

Another epistemological shock today from another paper in PhilSci-Archive , the archive that has refused to publish my papers. Epistemology nowadays seems to thrive on straw man arguments. In the paper Judgment Aggregation and the Problem of Tracking the Truth, the authors give the following example:

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