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Reality – Virtual Reality Equivalence Principle

The term “virtual” is used to describe the state of being such without actually being such. In this context, virtual reality can be defined as the state of being real without actually being real. The problem with such a definition is with the inference made about the state of reality or virtual reality.

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The Earth is Roundflat

There is a growing number of people that believe the Earth is flat. As inequality, poverty and misery increase in the world due to failed economic policies and impact of technological innovation, more people are compelled to question science and accepted paradigms as a way of revolt. Actually, Earth is roundflat.

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Rise Of Anarchy in America And Relation To Brexit

The rise of anarchy in America is an interesting phenomenon. It is unlikely that this phenomenon is related to ideology because of clear contradictions. It is rather related to stock market performance after Brexit and the US elections. This is a testable hypothesis.

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Internet Of Cells

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all over the news. They want to connect your appliances, car, your hole house, transportation and literary everything to the Internet. Why not going one step further: Introducing the Internet of Cells (IoC)

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Elon – Mars

I like dreamers. I am also a dreamer but I also try to be a pragmatist. Does anyone still remember what pragmatism means? Very few actually because it is barried below tons of ideological and pseudo-scientific mud.

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