The Internet of Things (IoT) is all over the news. They want to connect your appliances, car, your hole house, transportation and literary everything to the Internet. Why not going one step further: Introducing the Internet of Cells (IoC)

Humans have lived thousands of years without appliances, cars, airplanes, yet they did some great things. Then, humans have lived several decades with appliances, automobiles and airplanes, but they have done some more great things. Some want to connect everything to this great invention called the Internet. I get suspicious: how important is my toaster and the data it generates to the Internet?

It is may be just a technological craze. Why not going one step further: Connect feet, hands, bodies and heads to the internet. Eventually all human cells. Then, we can be virtually omniscient about our humanity.

Or is there some hidden economics behind this craze. Imagine everything connected to the Internet and rented. No more $5 toasters to buy. Then, you pay by month. If you do not pay, your toaster, refrigerator, stove, car or even body part is deactivated. Is this the objective? Maybe it is. Who knows what is inside those sick minds. Sick? But of course. A drive for total control is sickness, a serious disease, and the ultimate fascism. Something should be done with technological rampage. Limits should be established. Otherwise, concentration of capital will continue, inequalities will widen and at the end there will be havoc and return to stone ages. It is maybe time to tax robots, artificial intelligence and technology because they have gone beyond being a servant of humanity and now are trying to make humanity a servant to them.