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Creationism is a Scientific Alternative

Creationism should be taught in schools as a scientific alternative to modern evolution theory based on natural selection. Creationism can fit within the context of a falsifiable scientific theory. Its introduction in the educational curriculum is necessary to provide a fair balance of values.

This is an excerpt from my book Beyond Intelligent Design: From an Autonomous Universe to a Functional Virtual reality:

“There is something more important than physics or metaphysics that warrants serious consideration of an alternative look at our world: it is the system of values cultivated in people by a science that has placed too much emphasis on the purported autonomy of the material world. The results of the cultivation of this system of values are evident in our rapidly growing technological society, which is dominated by greed and lack of respect for the environment and human values. Even if we are not certain that the alternative look of the world presented in this book is correct, we should still introduce it, or some suitable version of it, into the educational curriculum for the purpose of providing a balance of values. Some would argue that this should be the task of ethics or religion courses without a need for providing alternative theories about the nature of physical reality. However, as I have already pointed out in this book, these are the not subjects that shape value systems any longer in a technologically and material society.”

You can find the book in Amazon.


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  1. E. Harokopos

    I am an agnostic but I believe that both creationism and evolution must be taught as equally plausible because they are both scientific alternatives. As I argue in my book, creationism can be placed within the context of a falsifiable theory if one adopts the principle of intelligent interaction.

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