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Beyond Intelligent Design – The Book


Finally, my book Beyond Intelligent Design: From an autonomous universe to a functional virtual reality is now published.

You can find the book at Amazon.  This is the book webpage for more info and comments.


Today is the Anniversary of Einstein’s Birth


Creationism is a Scientific Alternative


  1. Jeferson

    a few things there which will take a liltte unpacking;"Atheists and humanists are essentially constrained by their religious beliefs to believe in evolution, so that could be part of the reason why not many scientists are exploring alternatives. (Wanting to keep their jobs, funding and reputations might be another reason.)"What religious beliefs? I am an atheist (well an agnostic if you want a strict definition) and a humanist and this description doesn't apply to me. I don't have "belief's" i just follow the evidence as it appears to me. I am delighted to change my mind about things. I haven't met a fellow humanist or atheist that doesn't agree with that.What are you basing this assumption on?Slurs about jobs and funding seem a liltte beneath you. This type of argument is normally used by AGW deniers and anti-vaccine types – surely that's enough reason not to use it "And it’s certainly the case that those who reject evolution most confidently will almost inevitably have strong creationist beliefs of one kind or another."Yes I haven't met anyone that doesn't fit into both camps.If you do want to know what atheists/humanists think I will be happy to give you a few personal anecdotes if you like – fire away.Cheers,Psi

  2. E. Harokopos

    I am an agnostic but I believe that both creationism and evolution must be taught as equally plausible because they are both scientific alternatives. As I argue in my book, creationism can be placed within the context of a falsifiable theory if one adopts the principle of intelligent interaction.

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